Be Best !

Be Best .,. Yupp ! Bella Be Best In All .,. Now Im Studying At Sekolah Menengah Teknik Besut .,. In Building Courses .,. Have Eight Subject To Take .,. Especially In Building Materials Subject And  Construction Technology Subject .,.  Really Damn .,. Practical Work Is Very Difficult .,. No Work Is Possible .,.  

Many Students Like To Switch To The Original School Because This School Is Very Concerned About Discipline .,. Very Straight In It .,. I Do Not Care About Discipline .,. But The Story About a Boy Who Behaved Strange .,.  Here And There Screaming When They See Women Like They've Never Seen Women Right ? The Number 0f Women Is Little Here .,. In 80 People .,. 

Whatever .,. Im Happy To Study Here .,. Many Friends .,. Many Teachers .,. I  Love n Miss All Of Them .,.